PIXIL PDA User's Guide

Table of Contents
I. PIXIL Operating Environment
1. Introduction to the PIXIL Operating Environment
1.1. To calibrate the touchscreen
2. Using the PIXIL ScreenTop Manager
2.1. To start an application
2.2. To stop an application
2.3. Using the ScreenTop Toolbar
3. Using the On-screen Keyboard
4. Using the Handwriting Recognition Utility
II. PIXIL OE Applications
5. Using the System Configuration Utility
5.1. Starting the System Configuration Utility
5.2. Using the Set Time-Date Utility
5.3. Setting the Time Zone
5.4. Using the Backlight Control Utility
5.5. Configuring Power Management Preferences
5.6. Viewing Memory Information
5.7. Recalibrating the Touchscreen
5.8. Editing Your Personal Information
5.9. Viewing Hardware Information
5.10. Changing the Regional Settings
6. Using the Network Configuration Utility
6.1. Setting up a TCP/IP connection
6.2. Configuring your DNS information
6.3. Setting up a modem connection
7. Using the Linux Terminal
7.1. Starting the Linux Terminal
7.2. Closing the Linux Terminal
8. Using the Clock
9. Using the Load Monitor
III. Personal Information Management Applications
10. Using the Address Book Application
10.1. Starting the Address Book application
10.2. Adding a new contact
10.3. Editing a contact
10.4. Duplicating a contact
10.5. Deleting a contact
10.6. Searching for contact information
11. Using the Calculator
11.1. Starting the Calculator
11.2. Changing modes
12. Using the Notes Application
12.1. Starting the Notes application
12.2. Adding a new note
12.3. Editing a note
12.4. Deleting a note
12.5. Searching for notes
13. Using the Scheduler Application
13.1. Starting the Scheduler application
13.2. Adding a new event
13.3. Editing an event
13.4. Deleting an event
13.5. Using the Day View
13.6. Using the Week View
13.7. Using the Month View
13.8. Using the Year View
13.9. Searching for events
14. Using the ToDo Application
14.1. Starting the ToDo application
14.2. Adding a new task
14.3. Editing a task
14.4. Marking a task complete
14.5. Deleting a task
14.6. Searching for tasks
15. Using the Global Search Application
15.1. Starting the Global Search application
15.2. Searching your data
IV. Internet Applications
16. Using the ViewML Internet Browser
16.1. Starting the ViewML Internet browser
16.2. Using the ViewML Toolbar
17. Using the PIXIL Email Client
17.1. Starting the PIXIL Email Client
17.2. Configuring the PIXIL Email Client
17.3. To send an email message
17.4. Reading email
V. The PIXIL Desktop Application
18. Introduction to the PIXIL Desktop Application
19. The Desktop Address Book
19.1. Using the Desktop Address Book
19.2. Adding a new contact
19.3. Editing a contact
19.4. Deleting a contact
20. The Desktop Scheduler
20.1. Using the Desktop Scheduler
20.2. Adding a new event
20.3. Editing an event
20.4. Deleting an event
21. The Desktop ToDo List
21.1. Using the Desktop ToDo list
21.2. Adding a new task
21.3. Editing a task
21.4. Deleting a task
22. The Desktop Notes
22.1. Using the Desktop Notes
22.2. Adding a new note
22.3. Editing a note
22.4. Deleting a note
23. Searching the Desktop Database