III. Functions

Table of Contents
GrArc — Draw an arc or pie
GrArcAngle — Draw an arc or pie
GrArea — Draw a multiple-bit-per-pixel bitmap
GrBitmap — Draw a bitmap
GrCheckNextEvent — Get the next event from the event queue
GrClearWindow — Clear the content of a window
GrClose — Close the connection to the server
GrCopyGC — Copy a graphics context
GrDefaultErrorHandler — The default error handler
GrDestroyGC — Destroy a graphics context
GrDestroyRegion — Destroy a region
GrDestroyWindow — Destroy an existing window
GrEllipse — Draw the perimeter of an ellipse
GrEmptyRegion — Test if a region is empty
GrEqualRegion — Test if two regions are equal
GrFillEllipse — Draw a filled ellipse
GrFillPoly — Draw a filled polygon
GrFillRect — Draw a filled rectangle
GrFlush — Flush graphics requests
GrGetFontInfo — Retrieve data for a font
GrGetGCInfo — Retrieve a graphics context's settings
GrGetGCTextSize — Return the size of a text string for a particular graphics context
GrGetNextEvent — Wait for and retrieve the next event from the event queue
GrGetRegionBox — Return a polygon that defines the region
GrGetScreenInfo — Retrieve screen configuration data
GrGetSysColor — Return the RGB color value for a system-defined color
GrGetWindowInfo — Retrieve data for a window
GrGetWMProperties — Retrieve window management data for a window
GrIntersectRegion — Find the intersecting areas of two regions
GrLine — Draw a line
GrLowerWindow — Lower a window below its siblings
GrMapWindow — Make a window visible on the screen
GrMoveCursor — Move the cursor to specified coordinates
GrMoveWindow — Move a window to new coordinates
GrNewGC — Allocate a new graphic context
GrNewInputWindow — Create a new input window
GrNewPolygonRegion — Create a new region based on a set of points
GrNewRegion — Allocate a new region
GrNewPixmap — Allocate a new pixmap
GrNewWindow — Create a new window
GrOffsetRegion — Move a region
GrOpen — Open a connection to the server from a new client
GrPeekEvent — Copy the next event from the event queue
GrPoint — Draw a point
GrPointInRegion — Test if a region contains a specified point
GrPoints — Draw a set of points
GrPoly — Draw the perimeter of a polygon
GrRaiseWindow — Raise a window above its siblings
GrReadArea — Create a bitmap from the content of a drawable area
GrRect — Draw the perimeter of a rectangle
GrRectInRegion — Test if a region contains a rectangle
GrReparentWindow — Change a window's parent window
GrResizeWindow — Change the dimensions of a window
GrSelectEvents — Select the events this client wants to receive
GrSetBorderColor — Set a window's border color
GrSetCursor — Set the cursor for a window
GrSetErrorHandler — Specify the error handling function
GrSetFocus — Set the focus to a specified window
GrSetGCBackground — Set the background color in a graphics context
GrSetGCFont — Set the font used in a graphics context
GrSetGCForeground — Set the foreground color in a graphics context
GrSetGCMode — Set the drawing mode for a graphics context
GrSetGCRegion — Set the clip region to use with a graphics context
GrSetGCUseBackground — Set whether or not to draw the background color
GrSubtractRegion — Remove the area of one region from another
GrText — Draw a text string
GrUnionRectWithRegion — Add the area of a rectangle to a region
GrUnionRegion — Add the areas of two regions
GrUnmapWindow — Remove a window from the screen
GrXorRegion — Calculate the exclusive or of two regions