GrArcAngle -- Draw an arc or pie


void GrArcAngle (
  GR_DRAW_ID id,
  GR_GC_ID   gc,
  GR_COORD   x,
  GR_COORD   y,
  GR_SIZE    rx,
  GR_SIZE    ry,
  GR_COORD   angle1,
  GR_COORD   angle2,
  int        type



The ID of the window or other drawable area.


The graphics context to use when drawing the arc.

x, y

The center of the arc relative to the drawable area.

rx, ry

The radii of the arc.

angle1, angle2

The starting and ending angles of the arc specified in 64ths of a degree. For example, to specify 25.5 degrees, you would use 1632 (25.5 x 64).


The method of drawing the arc. The type parameter has the following acceptable values:

MWARCDraws the arc
MWARCOUTLINEDraws the arc and the radii to the endpoints
MWPIEDraws the arc filled with the foreground color


The GrArcAngle function draws an arc with its center at (x, y) and horizontal radius of rx and a vertical radius of ry. The function drawing the arc from angle1 to angle2.

Note: You must have a platform with a floating point processor to use the GrArcAngle function. If you do not have a floating point processor, Use the GrArc function instead.