GR_WM_PROPS -- Window properties


A GR_WM_PROPS type is a bitwise OR combination of one or more of the following window property flags.

GR_WM_PROPS_NOBACKGROUNDDo not draw the window's background.
GR_WM_PROPS_NOFOCUSDo not allow focus to be set to this window.
GR_WM_PROPS_NOMOVEDo not allow the user to move this window.
GR_WM_PROPS_NORAISEDo not allow the user to raise this window.
GR_WM_PROPS_NODECORATEDo not redecorate the window.
GR_WM_PROPS_NOAUTOMOVEDo not move the window on the first mapping.
GR_WM_PROPS_NOAUTORESIZEDo not resize the window on the first mapping.
GR_WM_PROPS_APPWINDOWLeave the appearance up to the window manager.
GR_WM_PROPS_APPMASKThis flags masks all of tha appearance specific flags. These include GR_WM_PROPS_BORDER, GR_WM_PROPS_APPFRAME, GR_WM_PROPS_CAPTION, GR_WM_PROPS_CLOSEBOX,
GR_WM_PROPS_BORDERGive the window a single line border.
GR_WM_PROPS_APPFRAMEGive the window a 3D application frame. This flag overrides the GR_WM_PROPS_BORDER flag.
GR_WM_PROPS_CAPTIONGive the window a title bar.
GR_WM_PROPS_CLOSEBOXGive the window a close box.
GR_WM_PROPS_MAXIMIZEThe window is maximized.