GrSetCursor -- Set the cursor for a window


void GrSetCursor (
  GR_WINDOW_ID wid,        /* window ID to set */
  GR_SIZE      width,      /* width of cursor */
  GR_SIZE      height,     /* height of cursor */
  GR_COORD     hotx,       /* relative x position of hot spot */
  GR_COORD     hoty,       /* relative y position of hot spot */
  GR_COLOR     foreground, /* foreground color of cursor */
  GR_COLOR     background, /* background color of cursor */
  GR_BITMAP *  fgbitmap,   /* foreground bitmap */
  GR_BITMAP *  bgbitmap    /* background bitmap */



The window ID of the window for which you want to set the cursor.

width, height

The dimensions of the cursor.

hotx, hoty

The position of the hot spot within the cursor relative to the upper left corner of the cursor.

foreground, background

The foreground and background colors of the cursor.

fgbitmap, bgbitmap

Pointers to the foreground and background bitmaps.


The GrSetCursor function sets a new cursor for a window. The server will display the cursor only in the wid window and its children, unless the children set a different cursor.

If the fgbitmap and the bgbitmap both set a bit at the same position, the foreground gets precedence.