GrNewWindow -- Create a new window


GR_WINDOW_ID GrNewWindow (
  GR_WINDOW_ID parent,
  GR_COORD     x,
  GR_COORD     y,
  GR_SIZE      width,
  GR_SIZE      height,
  GR_SIZE      bordersize,
  GR_COLOR     background,
  GR_COLOR     bordercolor



The window ID of new window's parent window.

x, y

The coordinates of the new window relative to the parent window.

width, height

The dimension of the new window.


The thickness of the new window's border in pixels.


The background color as an RGB value.


The border color as an RGB value.

Return Value

Returns the window ID of the new window.


The GrNewWindow function creates a new input-output window as a child of the parent window. The new window inherits the cursor of its parent. Also, the GrNewWindow function does not draw the new window on the client. To draw the new window, use the GrMapWindow function.

The x, y, wihth, and height parameters specify the drawable area of the window. The border draws outside the drawable area. Thus, if you want window, including the border to appear within a particular area, you must adjust the dimensions of the drawing area accordingly.

The new window inherits the cursor of its parent window and initially has no selected events.

Note: You cannot make an input-output window as the child of an input-only window.