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iSET™ Porting Services

The engineering group at Century Embedded Technologies offers a full range of software porting services that will help turn your set-top box prototype into a fully-functional system - ready to distribute and deploy.

One or more of the following services may be used to accelerate your set-top box design and shorten your time-to-market. Contact your sales representative for further information.

Operating System Port
The first step in porting the iSET set-top box suite onto your hardware platform is the selection of a Linux distribution. Our engineering staff has the experience and background to properly optimize and install your choice of Linux onto the set-top box platform. When this step is completed, your set-top box platform will have a complete Linux operating system securely installed and booting from hard disk, ROM, or flash memory.

iSET Software Suite Port
Once the set-top box system is running Linux, various iSET components are selected that support the hardware found in the design. The selections are analyzed by our engineering group and updates are made to device drivers, video middleware, and other low-level support modules.

Each software component is then ported to the set-top box platform and numerous quality control checks are implemented to assure the resulting software suite is tightly integrated and each component works well with all other modules.

Custom Application Design
Once the basic set-top box functionality has been added to the design, any custom applications will be created and merged into the software suite. In most cases, all required modules and components will already be available in the iSET software suite. However, unique vendor or end-user requirements may drive the need for additional development.

When required, our engineering group can specify, design, develop, test, and integrate new applications into the iSET software suite or any existing application set.

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