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PIXIL PDA version 1.1

The PIXIL PDA version 1.1 suite offers a complete PDA system including an Operating Environment, a full set of PIM applications, and extras you wouldn't expect including an e-mail client, and a web browser.

It also includes a preview release of PIXIL Desktop - an information manager and synchronization tool for your Windows computer.

The Nano-X graphical windowing system is at the core of the PIXIL PDA solution. Unlike other windowing systems, Nano-X was engineered from the ground up specifically for embedded Linux. PIXIL PDA features minimal disk and RAM requirements, is designed for portability, and can run on a wide variety of hardware platforms including StrongARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH, and x86 processors.


PIXIL™ PDA version 1.1 iPAQ™ Distribution
A binary distribution is available in RPM format for both the iPAQ itself and for x86-based Linux desktops running X11. The iPAQ binaries are downloaded onto the iPAQ using the serial link and replace the original operating environment.

Download: iPAQ Compressed Archive Distribution (10,091 K)
Read: Century Embedded Technologies Evaluation License

PIXIL™ Desktop
The PIXIL Desktop software allows you to use your Windows desktop computer to view, sort, find and edit information for your iPaq™ handheld running PIXIL. Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP Editions.

Download: PIXIL™ Desktop Installer (1,197 K)
Read: Century Embedded Technologies Evaluation License

PIXIL PDA version 1.1 Includes:

PIXIL Screentop Applications Manager
A screentop and window manager, complete with backlight control, handwriting recognition, and on-screen keyboard.

System Configuration Utility
An easy to use application to change system-wide settings such as date and time, world clock time zones, backlight controls, power management, user information, regional settings, and screen calibration.

Personal Information Management Application Suite
Powerful applications that help you manage your busy schedule, contact information, to do list, notes, and more. The PIXIL PIM Suite includes the following applications:

  • Address Book
  • Scheduler
  • To Do
  • Notes
  • Calculator (scientific and standard modes)
  • Global Search (find items wherever they are)

Internet Connectivity
Browse the Internet with ViewML, a powerful Internet browser or send and receive E-mail with the included E-mail application. Configure your handheld to connect to the Internet via PPP (direct line or modem) or via Ethernet (CF wireless adapter) with the Network Configuration Utility.

Other Applications
A Linux Terminal Emulator
An Analog Clock
nxBill (a simple game)
PIXIL Load Monitor (displays CPU loads)

Screen Shots
Click here to see the screen shots.

PIXIL PDA version 1.1 provides the following documentation:

PIXIL PDA 1.1 User's Guide
An introduction to the PIXIL PDA screentop and applications.

How to restore Windows CE to the iPAQ

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