Table of Contents
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This manual describes the Fast Light Tool Kit ("FLTK") version 1.0, a C++ Graphical User Interface ("GUI") toolkit for UNIX and Microsoft Windows. Each of the chapters in this manual is designed as a tutorial for using FLTK, while the appendices provide a convenient reference for all FLTK widgets, functions, and operating system interfaces.


This manual is organized into the following chapters and appendices:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to FLTK
Chapter 2 - FLTK Basics
Chapter 3 - Common Widgets and Attributes
Chapter 4 - Designing a Simple Text Editor
Chapter 5 - Drawing Things in FLTK
Chapter 6 - Handling Events
Chapter 7 - Extending and Addnig Widgets
Chapter 8 - Programming With FLUID
Chapter 9 - Using OpenGL
Appendix A - Widget Reference
Appendix B - Function Reference
Appendix C - Enumeration Reference
Appendix D - GLUT Compatibility
Appendix E - Forms Compatibility
Appendix F - Operating System Issues
Appendix G - Software License