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Success Stories

During the 16 years we've been in business, we've made great partnerships with leading companies from around the world. Many of them brought their products and services to market faster and more efficiently thanks to Century technologies.

Read their stories to learn how we can help your company accomplish the same great things they have.

German company Dosch-Amand and Norwegian company ScreenMedia have released specifications for a wireless webpad called Freepad. Under the hood making it all work is Nano-X. (read more)

Linux Journal chose Nano-X to receive a prestegious 2000 Editors' Choice Award for Best Embedded Development Tool. The awards are designed to recognize outstanding accomplishments within the Linux community. (read more)

National Semiconductor uses Nano-X in their new Set-Top Box Reference Platform (GEODE™ SP1SC10) to ease development of information appliances. (read more)

Citizen and IBM team up to build WatchPAD™. A Linux-driven wireless wearable computer that does much more than tell time. (read more)

This "sneak preview" profiles a unique new Linux-based wireless phone which combines communications and entertainment within a customizable two-part design. The device is based on an ARM7 processor, running Linux kernel 2.4.5 along with BusyBox and Nano-X. (read more)

Pocket Linux Workstation. An Open Source, custom Linux embedded platform developed by Arizona Cooperative Power, LLC, is small enough for your pocket and powerful enough for your workstation. Uses Nano-X! (read more)

  Century Embedded Technologies and VT Media Technologies Form Set-Top Box Strategic Alliance
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Embedded Linux Journal announces developer contest, based on Linux4.TV
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ROYAL'S Linux-based PDA Brings power and flexibility at a breakthrough price
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Century and VT Media Team Up to Deliver Next Generation Set Top Box
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Century Embedded Technologies Upgrades Linux PDA Solution
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National Semiconductor Selects Century Embedded Technologies to Power Next Generation Information Appliances
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