Chapter 3. Using the PIXIL Screentop Manager

Table of Contents
To start an application
To activate the on-srceen keyboard
To activate the handwriting recognition utility

When you start your embedded Linux device, you see the PIXIL screentop manager. The screentop enables you to start applications, the on-screen keyboard, and the handwriting recognition utility.

To start an application

  1. To start an application, first change to the page containing the application you want to start. At the top of the screen you see the screentop page indicator.

    The text in the pager tells you the name of the current page. To change pages, tap either the left or right arrow buttons. Continue to tap the arrow buttons until you see the application you want to start.

  2. To start an application, tap the applications icon. For example, to start the nxclock application, change to the "Pim" page and tap the nxclock icon.