Chapter 1. SDK Overview

Table of Contents
SDK Contents
Using the SDK

With the SDK from Century Embedded Technologies, you have all the tools you need to develop applications and graphical interfaces for embedded Linux hardware platforms. After you install the SDK on any RedHat 6.2 machine, you can develop applications for your target platform on your desktop machine. Instead of having to take the time to upload your application to your target device after each compile, you develop your application on your desktop and upload your application when you complete develpment.

SDK Contents

When you purchase the Development Environment SDK for a particular target platform, you receive the the following:

Precompiled Binaries

A set of ready-to-install binaries for your target platform, including boot loader, kernel, Nano-X, and demonstration applications.

Linux Kernel Source Code

A Linux kernel with the drivers needed for your target platform.


Source code for the Nano-X graphical windowing system.


Source code of FLTK 1.0.7 ported to Nano-X.

Century Screentop Manager

A binary of the Century Embedded Technologies graphical screentop manager. If you purchase the Extended Development Kit (EDK), you also receive the source code to the screentop manager.

Nano-X Applications

Binary versions of the Century Embedded Technologies sample applications such as nxScribble, nxLoadMon, and nxClock. If you purchase the EDK, you alse receive the source code to these applications.

Makefile System

Makefiles for both the RedHat 6.2 development machine and the target platform to make building your new applications quick and easy.