Compiling .fl files

FLUID can also be called as a command-line "compiler" to create the .cxx and .h file from a .fl file. To do this type:

fluid -c filename.fl

This will read the filename.fl file and write filename.cxx and filename.h. The directory will be stripped, so they are written to the current directory always. If there are any errors reading or writing the files it will print the error and exit with a non-zero code. In a makefile you can use a line like this:

my_panels.h my_panels.cxx: my_panels.fl
	FLUID -c my_panels.fl

Some versions of make will accept rules like this to allow all .fl files found to be compiled:

.SUFFIXES: .fl .cxx .h
.fl.h .fl.cxx:
	FLUID -c $<