class Fl_Output


class Fl_Output -- text display widget

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Include Files

#include <FL/Fl_Output.H>


This widget displays a piece of text. When you set the value(), Fl_Output does a strcpy() to it's own storage, which is useful for program-generated values. The user may select portions of the text using the mouse and paste the contents into other fields or programs.

FLTK Text Output

There is a single subclass, Fl_Multiline_Output, which allows you to display multiple lines of text.

The text may contain any characters except \0, and will correctly display anything, using ^X notation for unprintable control characters and \nnn notation for unprintable characters with the high bit set. It assummes the font can draw any characters in the ISO-Latin1 character set.


Fl_Output::Fl_Output(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label = 0)

Creates a new Fl_Output widget using the given position, size, and label string. The default boxtype is FL_DOWN_BOX.

virtual Fl_Output::~Fl_Output()

Destroys the widget and any value associated with it.

const char *Fl_Output::value() const
int Fl_Output::value(const char*)
int Fl_Output::value(const char*, int)

The first form returns the current value, which is a pointer to the internal buffer and is valid only until the value is changed.

The second two forms change the text and set the mark and the point to the end of it. The string is copied to the internal buffer. Passing NULL is the same as "". This returns non-zero if the new value is different than the current one. You can use the second version to directly set the length if you know it already or want to put nul's in the text.

int Fl_Output::size() const

Returns the number of characters in value(). This may be greater than strlen(value()) if there are nul characters in it.

char Fl_Output::index(int) const

Same as value()[n], but may be faster in plausible implementations. No bounds checking is done.

Fl_Color Fl_Output::textcolor() const
void Fl_Output::textcolor(Fl_Color)

Gets or sets the color of the text in the input field.

Fl_Font Fl_Output::textfont() const
void Fl_Output::textfont(Fl_Font)

Gets or sets the font of the text in the input field.

uchar Fl_Output::textsize() const
void Fl_Output::textsize(uchar)

Gets or sets the size of the text in the input field.