class Fl_Multi_Browser


class Fl_Multi_Browser -- multiple selection list widget

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Include Files

#include <FL/Fl_Multi_Browser.H>


The Fl_Multi_Browser class is a subclass of Fl_Browser which lets the user select any set of the lines. The user interface is Macintosh style: clicking an item turns off all the others and selects that one, dragging selects all the items the mouse moves over, and shift + click toggles the items. This is different then how forms did it. Normally the callback is done when the user releases the mouse, but you can change this with when().

See Fl_Browser for methods to add and remove lines from the browser.


Fl_Multi_Browser::Fl_Multi_Browser(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label = 0)

Creates a new Fl_Multi_Browser widget using the given position, size, and label string. The default boxtype is FL_DOWN_BOX.


The destructor also deletes all the items in the list.

int Fl_Browser::deselect()

Deselects all lines.

int Fl_Browser::select(int,int=1)
int Fl_Browser::selected(int) const

Selects one or more lines or gets the current selection state of a line.

int Fl_Browser::value() const
void Fl_Browser::value(int)

Selects a single line or gets the last toggled line. This returns zero if no line has been toggled, so be aware that this can happen in a callback.