class Fl_Check_Button


class Fl_Check_Button -- check button widget

Class Hierarchy


Include Files

#include <FL/Fl_Check_Button.H>


Buttons generate callbacks when they are clicked by the user. You control exactly when and how by changing the values for type() and when().

FLTK Chart Widget

The Fl_Check_Button subclass display the "on" state by turning on a light, rather than drawing pushed in. The shape of the "light" is initially set to FL_DIAMOND_DOWN_BOX. The color of the light when on is controlled with selection_color(), which defaults to FL_RED.


Fl_Check_Button::Fl_Check_Button(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label = 0)

Creates a new Fl_Check_Button widget using the given position, size, and label string.


The destructor deletes the check button.