Event Propagation

FLTK follows very simple and unchangeable rules for sending events. The major innovation is that widgets can indicate (by returning 0 from the handle() method) that they are not interested in an event, and FLTK can then send that event elsewhere. This eliminates the need for "interests" (event masks or tables), and this is probably the main reason FLTK is much smaller than other toolkits.

Most events are sent directly to the handle() method of the Fl_Window that the window system says they belong to. The window (actually the Fl_Group that Fl_Window is a subclass of) is responsible for sending the events on to any child widgets. To make the Fl_Group code somewhat easier, FLTK sends some events (FL_DRAG, FL_RELEASE, FL_KEYBOARD, FL_SHORTCUT, FL_UNFOCUS, and FL_LEAVE) directly to leaf widgets. These procedures control those leaf widgets: