Building the Century Desktop and Its Applications for Your PC

  1. Change to the directory ~/assabet/x86/src, where ~ represents the directory path in which you created your x86 development tree.

  2. Enter the following make commands:

    make install
  3. To start the Century Desktop, run ~/assabet/bin/

Note: If the build fails while building ViewML, you probably have a conflict with w3c-libwww header files. You can either modify the ~/assabet/src/viewml/makeconfig file to point to your correct version of this library, or you can have the Century Desktop makefile create a set of libraries for you.

Building the w3c-libwww Libraries

  1. Expand the file /usr/local/censoft/assabet/src/w3c-libwww-5.8.2.tar.gz into ~/assabet/x89/src and ~/assabet/strongarm/src.

  2. From the ~/assabet/src directory, enter the following make commands:

    make libwww
    make libwww-install