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Red Hat Partner Pavilion
Linux World Expo
New York, NY
Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2001

Century Software, Inc.
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Century Software Embedded Technologies
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Linux Operating Environment for PDAs, WebPADs and Internet Appliances enhanced with wireless connectivity, PIM suites, and multimedia applications Century Software Embedded Technologies releases version 1.1 of their Operating Environment and Development toolkit for embedded Linux

Salt Lake City, Utah - January 29, 2001 - Century Software Embedded Technologies, a leader in graphical applications technologies for embedded Linux, today announced version 1.1 of its Operating Environment and Development toolkit for embedded Linux. New wireless applications, multimedia, and an enhanced toolkit, combined with commercial support and engineering services from Century give developers of embedded systems a complete solution for Linux based deployment of PDAs, WebPADs, and Internet Appliances.

The version 1.1 Operating Environment now supports wireless connectivity on platforms including the StrongARM-based Compaq iPAQ and ADS Graphics Client, National Semiconductor x86 Geode, and NEC MIPS Harrier. A graphical network configuration utility allows users extreme ease of use for configuring serial PPP, modem, ethernet or wireless TCP/IP connections. A new email client and enhanced ViewML browser allow sending and receiving POP3 mail as well as browsing the Internet for mobile applications.

The Linux runtime environment features a new, complete PIM suite including address book, scheduler, calendar, todo list, notes, clock and calculator applications. MP3 audio and MPEG 1 video players are included for downloaded audio/video files, or custom multimedia applications. The screentop has been enhanced for better application selection and management. These new additions combined with the existing features of web browsing, terminal emulation, popup screen keyboard input and handwriting recognition form the basis for a complete solution for the development and execution of customer-designed Linux-based applications.

The entire operating environment is available via free download for selected hardware platforms, as well as for target platform graphical application emulation on Red Hat Linux desktops. A complete SDK including cross-development libraries, automated build platform, source code and documentation is available along with commercial support from Century Software Embedded Technologies.

"Our operating environment is a complete solution for development of PDAs, WebPADs, and Internet Appliances running Linux," says Gregory Haerr, CEO of Century Software, Inc. "Developers of embedded systems now have a head start in delivering their products to market by utilizing our applications technologies and libraries pre-built for popular hardware platforms and chips." Along with the complete suite of applications, Century also offers customer engineering services, custom applications development, and technical support. "Our environment and applications were developed specifically for Internet appliances and embedded systems, and our custom engineering services and technical support completes our offering." added Haerr.


The Century Software Operating Environment and Development Toolkit for Linux will be available February 5th, 2001. Evaluation downloads, screenshots and more information are available now from The complete environment, including iPAQ runtime demonstrations, will be shown during Linux World Expo this week in Red Hat's Partner Pavilion booth #523. In addition, Gregory Haerr will be giving daily presentations on developing embedded graphical applications on Linux. The ViewML Project's source code, as well as screen shots and frequently asked questions are available now from Nano-X is available from

About Century Software Embedded Technologies
Century Software Embedded Technologies, a newly created division of Century Software, Inc., is a leading developer of core applications technologies for the worldwide embedded Linux applications market. These technologies include: graphical windowing system development and runtime environments; customized Internet browsers and HTML viewers; embedded and Internet appliance multimedia technologies, including MP3 audio and MPEG video players and recorders; PDA/WebPAD runtime and development suites, and PIM suites. These core technologies are designed specifically to allow chip manufacturers, hardware board vendors, and their customers to build embedded applications on x86, PowerPC, StrongARM, MIPS, SH and other microprocessor architectures running on either the Nano-X or the X Window System. Based in Salt Lake City, Century Software was founded in 1985 and is privately held. Century Software's CEO, Gregory Haerr, is the founder and chief maintainer of the Nano-X Project, and founder of the ViewML Project.
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