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Applied Data Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with Century Software for Development of Embedded Applications Toolkit for OEM StrongARMä Product Line

New partnership enhances ADS' embedded systems with graphical, multimedia and application development

New York, NY - January 29, 2001 - Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of RISC-based application-ready embedded systems, announced today its strategic partnership with Century Software Embedded Technologies, a leading developer of applications technologies for embedded Linux at LinuxWorld Expo in New York. Together, the companies are releasing a richly-featured new toolkit which runs on ADS' line of OEM Intel StrongARM-based systems, which will be marketed jointly by the two companies.

The strategic partnership recognizes the synergy of the core competencies of each company. Century Software Embedded Technologies, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in developing embedded Linux middleware applications on PDA and handheld platforms, with particular expertise in embedded multimedia technologies. ADS, based in Columbia, Maryland, specializes in designing and manufacturing low-power consuming RISC-based systems that enable mobile, networked applications with wireless connectivity and sophisticated graphics capabilities, working with a variety of operating systems, including embedded Linux. ADS systems are noted for being quickly reconfigurable, allowing customers to be able to meet very challenging time-to-market requirements.

ADS has selected Century to provide an enhanced version of its Nano-X-based applications toolkit and PDA operating environment to run on ADS' line of embedded systems. These systems include ADS' flagship product - the Graphics Client Plus, which includes a powerful IO package on a 4 x 6" footprint; the new handheld computer, the Bitsy, built on a 3 x 5" footprint with wireless capability, and the Graphics Master, which has rich multimedia capabilities and USB connectivity. All ADS systems include signature capabilities such as on-board Ethernet, PCMCIA (providing a second Ethernet port for LAN and WAN), an on board 8-bit microcontroller for a user-selectable and robust IO suite and serial port options that include RS232, 485 and IrDA. Century's richly-featured toolkit features new capabilities in multiple areas: the graphical operating environment, applications and multimedia.

"This partnership sets a new standard for embedded Linux on StrongARM for OEM development. Century is providing our customers an embedded Linux package that greatly facilitates their path to product application, also for our future web pad lines," said Robert Olsen, CEO of ADS. "With Century's rich multimedia capabilities and toolkit enhancements in one package, with complete support for our 'application-ready' products."

According to Gregory Haerr, CEO of Century Software Embedded Technologies, "ADS' incorporation of our middleware on their line of StrongARM systems will reduce development time for embedded Linux customers, both in the hardware and software areas, who are particularly interested in wireless, mobile and multimedia applications. These applications might be used in products ranging from Internet appliances, web pads, wireless and portable devices."

The applications toolkit and operating environment is based on the popular Nano-X graphical windowing system for embedded Linux (www.Nano-X.org). A specialized "Screen Top" window manager, developed by Century, handles the look and feel of the operating environment for the systems. The Screentop is customizable with a configuration file that allows various directories to be searched and displayed as icons.

The system has a rich multimedia package which includes MP3 audio and Mpeg 1 with streaming video capabilities, image viewers and games. Century Software's new core multimedia audio and video technologies include a multi-threaded MP3 player, optionally with a user interface using the Nano-X embedded graphical windowing system and the Fast Light Tool Kit applications framework. Playlists and shuffling, as well as streaming audio from the flash file system or Internet are supported, as well as multiple bitrates and volume adjustments. An MPEG-1 video player, with support for connectivity via TCP/IP for video source as well as from the local file system, is also available. Video image resizing to any width and height is supported. The Graphics Client supports video display in 8 and 16 bits per pixel.

Applied Data Systems and Century Software Embedded Technologies will be jointly marketing their systems with both companies' sales forces domestically and internationally. Together, the ADS Bitsy and Century Software's suite of embedded Linux tool chain enhancements and multimedia technologies allow an OEM or systems integrator quickly produce an application requiring web connectivity or audio/video on Linux. Contact Fred Salloum at Applied Data Systems at 301-490-4007 or Jon Beutler at Century Software Embedded Technologies at (801) 268-3088 x145.


About Applied Data Systems
ADS is the leading supplier of RISC-based single board computers for the embedded systems market. Applications include medical devices, process control, vehicle / asset management, GPS, electronic signage, check approval, mail extraction and information displays. ADS is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. For more information on ADS call 301-490-4007, or visit the website at www.applieddata.net.

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