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Applied Data Systems
Sarah Pick


Developer of Popular Embedded Linux GUI Joins Board of Applied Data Systems (ADS)

Columbia, Maryland - January 24, 2001 - Applied Data Systems (ADS), a leading developer of application-ready RISC-based embedded systems, today announced the appointment of Gregory Haerr, to the company's Board of Directors. As the leader of the open source Nano-X Project (www.Nano-X.org) Haerr brings tremendous expertise in development and deployment of scalable GUI's and graphical APIs for mobile and internet-enabled applications.

"We've pioneered the graphical interface for embedded applications, and Greg's perspective on this sector is extremely valuable to our company's growth," said Robert Olsen, CEO of Applied Data Systems.

Haerr is a regular guest contributor to Embedded Linux Journal magazine, where he writes about graphical uses of embedded Linux. The Nano-X Project, founded by Haerr in April 1999, recently won the Editor's Choice "Best Embedded Development Tool" award in January 2001 by Linux Journal, a leading magazine covering Linux.

In 1985, Haerr founded Century Software, a privately held company specializing in PC-to-UNIX connectivity. After pioneering the first commercially available terminal emulator for UNIX, the company went on to build Windows software replacing physical terminals for UNIX and IBM host access. Century Software has been profitable every quarter for 15 years, and currently maintains no debt. In August 2000, Century Software formed an Embedded Technologies Division aimed at commercializing the opportunities present in graphical applications technologies for embedded Linux. The company recently founded The ViewML Project, the industry's first open source Internet Browser targetted at embedded Linux systems.

With more than twenty-four years of experience as a computer scientist, Haerr is a specialist in graphics, operating systems, compiler and interpreter design, and communications protocols. Haerr received a degree in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego. Haerr maintains the open source Nano-X project and is the CEO of Century Software in Salt Lake City, Utah.


About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems (ADS) solutions enable numerous applications including process control, GPS, fleet management, and POS/kiosk. For information, please visit the ADS website at http://www.applieddata.net or call 301/490-4007.

About Century Software Embedded Technologies
Century Software Embedded Technologies, a newly created division of Century Software, Inc., is a leading developer of core technologies for the worldwide embedded Linux applications market. For more information, please contact www.centurysoftware.com, www.viewml.com, or Nano-X.org.

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