Chapter 1. Introduction to the PIXIL Operating Environment

The PIXIL Operating Environment (OE) provides a framework for creating applications on embedded Linux platforms. In this release, Century Embedded Technologies (CET) has provided a screentop manager and some demonstration applications. Also, if you build PIXIL OE for an embedded device, the device will run a screentop calibration tool before starting the screentop manager.

This release of PIXIL OE contains the following applications:

The doom application provides a port of the original Doom first-person shooter game.

The flcalc application provides a scientific calculator. The calculator supports four bases (2, 8, 10, 16) and the most common trigonometric operations.

The nxbill application provides a port of the popular XBill game. Kill the invaders before they infect your network with unwanted operating systems.

The nxclock application displays the current time. The application opens a small window and displays an analog clock.

The nxloadmon application displays current system usage in a small window.

The nxterm application provides a bash terminal emulator.

The ViewML application provides an Internet web browser.