Chapter 2. Working with the Century Software PDA ScreenTop

The Century Software PDA ScreenTop provides an environment for you to easily add PDA applications to your PDA suite.

Adding an Application to the ScreenTop

Before you can add an application to your device, you must wave the following:

To add an application to your device, do the following:

  1. Add your application and any additional files it needs to the filesystem directory structure on your development machine. For example, you might put the application in the /usr/bin directory.

  2. Edit the /etc/config.nxscrtop file by adding the following:

    1. In the [Desktop] section, add

    2. Create a new section:

      exec=<path to application>
      icon=<path to icon>
      title=<application title>
      args=<command line arguments>
  3. Create new filesystem files for any directory structures you changed (probably usr and init). For example, on the iPAQ you would create new CRAMFS files.

  4. Upload your new files to the appropriate location in the device's FlashRAM.

  5. Restart the device and launch your application from the screentop.