Upoading Kernel and CRAMFS files to the iPAQ

  1. Using a serial communications tool, such as minicom, establish a serial connection to the iPAQ using the following settings:

    Connection Speed115200
    Stop Bits1
    Flow ControlNone

  2. Restart the iPAQ, and quickly press the Spacebar.

    You should see a boot prompt in your communications tool.

  3. If you need to upload a new kernel, enter 'load kernel' and use XModem to send ~/kernel/arch/arm/boot/zImage to the iPAQ.

  4. For each of the filesystems you need to upload, enter the load command for the following filesystem and use XModem to send the filesystem to the iPAQ.

    For this CRAMFSEnter this load commard
    init.cramfsload flash 0x100000
    root.cramfsload flash 0x200000
    usr.cramfsload flash 0x500000

    For example, to upload usr.cramfs, give the boot loader the following command:

    load flash 0x500000