Creating a Unique Development Tree

Often you will want to have unique development trees for various purposes. You will also want to have a tree for each platform for which you develop. For example, you will probably want to have a development tree that builds applications that run on your PC's X Window environment and another tree that builds the applications for your embedded platform.

The Nano-X Development SDK includes a script that enables you to make unique copies of the development tree targeted toward your target platform.

  1. Make the directory where you want to create the new development tree the current directory. The censdk--copy script creates a new subdirectory named ipaq in the current directory.

  2. Run the censdx-copy script to create copy the development tree into the new directory.

    /usr/local/censoft/ipaq/bin/censdk-copy --ipaq [--kernel] [--fs] [--x86] [--cross]

    Where the optional parameters have the following functions:

    --kernelCopy the kernel source
    --fsCopy the filesystem (for which you must be the superuser)
    --x86Copy the Intel-based development source
    --crossCopy the iPAQ native development source