Building FLTK Under Microsoft Windows

There are two ways to build FLTK under Microsoft Windows. The first is to use the Visual C++ 5.0 project files under the "visualc" directory. Just open (or double-click on) the "fltk.dsw" file to get the whole shebang.

The second method is to use a GNU-based development tool with the files in the "makefiles" directory. To build using one of these tools simply copy the appropriate makeinclude and config files to the main directory and do a make:

copy makefiles\Makefile.<env> Makefile 

Using the Visual C++ DLL Library

The "fltkdll.dsp" project file builds a DLL-version of the FLTK library. Because of name mangling differences between PC compilers (even between different versions of Visual C++!) you can only use the DLL that is generated with the same version compiler that you built it with.

When compiling an application or DLL that uses the FLTK DLL, you will need to define the FL_DLL preprocessor symbol to get the correct linkage commands embedded within the FLTK header files.