Running FLUID Under UNIX

To run FLUID under UNIX, type:

fluid filename.fl &

to edit the .fl file filename.fl. If the file does not exist you will get an error pop-up, but if you dismiss it you will be editing a blank file of that name. You can run FLUID without any name, in which case you will be editing an unnamed blank setup (but you can use save-as to write it to a file).

You can provide any of the standard FLTK switches before the filename:

-display host:n.n
-geometry WxH+X+Y
-title windowtitle
-name classname
-fg color
-bg color
-bg2 color

Changing the colors may be useful to see what your interface will look at if the user calls it with the same switches.

In the current version, if you don't go into the background (with '&' then you will be able to abort FLUID by typing ^C on the terminal. It will exit immediately, losing any changes.